3 Reasons to Let Us Complete Your Door Ding Repairs

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Most of us need our cars, and not just for long trips, but for daily use. With everything from running errands like grocery shopping or dry cleaning to commuting to your job every day or taking kids to school, using your car means that it will occasionally be subjected to minor issues like door dings! Whether someone parked too close to you at the grocery store and opened their door into yours or your door fell victim to a bicyclist not watching where they were going, door dings are common. While you may not need to repair your door ding right away, the good news is that we can help so that the ding is unnoticeable. 

call Interstate Dent Repair for a door ding repair

Because door dings are usually small and do not impact the car’s ability to drive, we often choose to ignore them or put off their repairs. If you lease your vehicle or just want your vehicle to look great again without that little dent in your door, there are some good considerations for calling us at Interstate Dent Company to repair your door ding.

  1. Less expensive fix- When you call Interstate Dent Repair for a door ding repair, we usually can complete the door ding repair with what we call a paintless dent repair. With no need to repair the paint when a door ding repair is done quickly by our professionals, the fix is much less expensive.
  2. Better for the paint– A car’s paint is made up of multiple layers of paint, protective sealants, base coats, etc. Our paintless dent repair process removes the dent in your car door. We’ll then advise you on whether you need to get the paint and sealant touched up.
  3. Quick fix – Door dings can usually be repaired in the span of an hour. And the best part is that we come to you — no need to drop your car off and pick it up later!

For quick door ding repairs done at your convenience, call us at Interstate Dent Company today!