3 Myths About Hail Damage Repair

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3 Myths About Hail Damage RepairMany people have been led to believe that repairing hail damage to a vehicle is a simple and easy process. Unfortunately, this is not true. Hail damage can include harm to the underlying engine mechanisms, not just the body of the car, and it can therefore take a great deal of effort in order to restore your car to its former condition.

1.  Myth: Hail damage repair is easy. Here at Interstate Dent Company, we want to help you keep your vehicle in the best possible condition, and one of the ways that we do that is by offering expert hail damage repair services. In our experience, many people have the misconceptions about hail damage repair and how it works, and we want to help correct these mistaken beliefs. In this article, we’ll go over three common myths about hail damage repair and replace them with the accurate information you need.

2.  Myth: Insurance doesn’t cover hail damage repair.

Another myth that many people believe about hail damage repair is that their insurance will not cover it. Fortunately, the truth is that comprehensive auto insurance will cover damage from extreme weather, including hail.

3.  Myth: The hail damage repair process will hurt your paint.

Lastly, it’s a myth that hail damage repair will always hurt your vehicle’s paint. While using DIY methods to repair hail damage is likely to leave scratches, this is due to a lack of experience, not an inevitable result of the repair process. Our team of experienced technicians, on the other hand, can repair any dents without damaging your paint.